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mark, 54, United States : 10.000
jim200662, 42, Greece : 10.000
george, 50, United States : 10.000
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Welcome to Marriage Agency
Marriage Agency \”BgSingle\” provides with high quality online dating services for single men seeking marriage, love or long-term relationship with beautiful Bulgarian women.
Marriage agency – is a great way to find new friends and partners, for dating and long term relationships. Meeting and socializing with people is both fun and safe. Common sense precautions should be taken however when arranging to meet anyone face to face for the first time.

You can also find new friends and your long live pratner through our own privately hosted email system. This lets you communicate with other members to find out more about each other and develop a relationship.
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FIND YOUR TRUE LOVE! ابريل/24/2007
If you want to find the true love (bulgarian women, bulgarian brides), a warm and loving family, and if you want to meet that special person whom you can love and share the important things in life we are sure we can help you! Register in marriage agency right now!

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NiceJo مايو/18/2008 00:42:58 45 يوجد
Guenther12 نوفمبر/10/2007 17:36:00 49 يوجد
gatak_85 نوفمبر/09/2007 11:42:51 22 يوجد
sxlemine نوفمبر/08/2007 21:26:47 35 يوجد
Synet نوفمبر/08/2007 15:17:34 38 يوجد
riyadhalhassan نوفمبر/07/2007 02:13:02 42 يوجد
giorgos12s10 نوفمبر/01/2007 07:01:30 42 يوجد
kerem24 اكتوبر/27/2007 23:19:38 24 يوجد
MAHAN4231 اكتوبر/27/2007 09:32:20 29 يوجد
moseslove اكتوبر/24/2007 18:10:30 31 يوجد
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BUBAbuba مايو/19/2008 17:53:17 28 يوجد
Alla_Mavr نوفمبر/15/2007 20:17:46 60 يوجد
svetli_de نوفمبر/13/2007 11:52:40 27 يوجد
didkoo نوفمبر/10/2007 13:41:14 34 يوجد
sweetpersiana نوفمبر/10/2007 13:26:41 32 يوجد
shadesmith2002 نوفمبر/08/2007 02:13:20 37 يوجد
dovega نوفمبر/04/2007 15:14:56 29 يوجد
elisa_sf نوفمبر/02/2007 16:18:44 35 يوجد
danita نوفمبر/02/2007 14:35:30 22 يوجد
daliq نوفمبر/02/2007 00:00:20 24 يوجد
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Most Popular Women
Shirley, 39, Bulgaria : 10.000
kitri_2007, 53, Bulgaria : 10.000
marina02, 29, Bulgaria : 10.000
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